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Custom Sign for Beach House on OBX.   


View 2

Arrowhead with Wolf's head    


View 2

Heron 2    


View 2

View 3

Gecko & Turtle Bench   

 side view

Gecko - front view

Turtle - front view

We take requests.

Getting Set up for a Carving Demonstration-Elizabeth City Downtown Waterfront Market 5/28/11   

EC Show-post carving demonstration

This bear was made for Big Bear Campground in Windsor to match their logo.Stop by there if you're in the area.  

view 2

view 3

view 4

view 5

view 6

view 7

Not a bad days work thanks to a rare snow day in NC

On the road again

Our 2 American bulldogs like to help daddy test out the products.

Work in Progress

57 Chevy BelAire-special request for a friend.

Rear view

Front view 

Special Order for owner of real dog who likes to chase the buzzards in their yard.   

View 2

Close up


View 3

The "REDNECK PARROT"    4 1/2' tall                     

 view larger.JPG

view 2.JPG

view 3.JPG

small "Redneck Parrot"        3 1/2' tall      

View larger

View 2.JPG

Being Mrs. Hedgehog has some perks. Like this Christmas present in 2007.     

Larger image.JPG


view 2.JPG

Special order Tiki

5' gone fishin bear and baby welcome bear      

Two new buddies, the "Harley Love Bear" & Fishin Bear.         

Larger View bears

Outdoor chair with a fish motif.    Have been made with Tuna, Mahi and Catfish so far.

Chair with wolf's head back.

Pelican w/ Turtle

Pelican w/ Turtle                      view 2

Mrs. Hedgehog puts down the computer and lends a hand out in the shop.