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There are 2 catagories of Custom Creations. 

The first is a one of a kind item.   When we get an unusual piece of wood in, Hedgehog will create a special piece with it. Due to the difficulty of finding 2 logs of the same shape and dimension they can not be duplicated. 

The second is a custom piece that has been created per a specific request from a customer.  As new pieces are created we will update our offerings.  Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

Yosemite Sam with Tom Brady (in progress) in the background.

Captain Morgan - Do YOU have a bit of the Captain in ya?     

Captain Morgan 2.jpg

Custom Sculpture for the Outer Banks Harley-Davidson Shop.    

OBX harley eagle 

OBX harley eagle 2

OBX harley Eagle 3

OBX harley eagle 4

Chesapeake Arboreatum Otters   

Chesp. Otters 2.jpg

Chesp. Otters.jpg

Dennis Anderson "GRAVE DIGGER" Will soon be standing watch at "Digger's Dungeon"   

larger view

Dominion Power Lineman     


 close up.jpg

Bear Sculpture - Contains a total of 4 bears and 2 raccoons. Approx. 10' tall with a diameter of 4'.

Custom log vanity w/ red cedar top for petrified wood sink.   

Larger view

Chicago Bears Carving for a Huge Bears fan. A birthday present from his wife.   

the happy birthday boy

Cross with Eternal Flame - Made for Moyock United Methodist Church.     

Cross & flame  

Cross & flame 2

Cross & flame 3

Cross & flame 4

Tree Climber Bear    

tree climber bear

tree climber bear 2

tree climber going home  "I can't wait to climb a real tree!!!"


Beach House Sign.jpg

Beach House Sign 4.jpg

Beach House 3.jpg

Custom Beachhouse sign   

Cape Escape 2

Cape Escape 3


Drunk Opossum   


View 2



View 2

Close up

The Real Anna

The Real Anna 2

Sailboat Mailbox     


View 2

The Model

Striper Mailbox   

View 2

View 3

Bear Coat Rack & Umbrella Holder   

Coat Rack Larger

rear view coat rack

Umbrella holder

Side View umbrella stand

Alt View Coat rack top

"STUMPY" is a very special bear. He has an outfit for almost every occasion / holiday. Here he is ready to help with the clean up after a severe storm knocked down several trees in the neighborhood.  


Stumpy view 2

Tank & Harley   




The real deal

Cedar Owl - Made for a customer moving to Fla. from a pc of cedar he has been holding onto for many years.   


Fighting Roosters   


View 2

View 3

view 4

View 5

Custom Relief Carving - The Sun, birds soaring above, the sunbeams transition to waves then to mountains then to a rainbow.  


View 2

mtns close up



Akita Larger

Akita view 2

Bear Sculpture - Alternate view

Custom Design for a Dog groomer in VA. Beach.     

Larger view

View 2

View 3

Bear Sculpture - The beginning       After taking a day or so to walk around this log and envision the finished piece. Here is Hedgehog making the first cut.

Mermaid -  

Mermaid 2

Mermaid 3

Mermaid 4

Mermaid 5

Mermaid 6

Mermaid 7

Mermaid 8

Mermaid 9


Bear and Racoon - 

Larger view

 view 2 

View 3

Fish Sign - Custom ordered for front of campsite, 

Larger view