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Totem Pole      


View 2

Close up

 View 3

Tiki - Yellow    

Yellow Tiki

Yellow tiki - view 2

Wood Spirit - Big Deal   

Big Deal - Wood Spirit

TIKI POLES - Tiki poles are carved from pine logs so diameters will vary in size. All tiki poles are sanded and burned before being painted and/or finished with a polyurethane coating.  


All Tiki poles are available in any color scheme. (up to 3 colors at no additional charge)

TIKI'S  - PAINTED     STYLE AND COLOR OPTIONS                     

Tiki - 1

Tiki - 2

Tiki - 3

Tiki - 4

Tiki - 5

Tiki - 6

Tiki - 7

Tiki - 8     Burned                                                    


My newest Tiki addition     

Larger view

Tiki Man                                                             


View 2

Tiki Man 2     

Full Size 

Tiki Hut w/ shingle roof. Options include thatch roof, electric, lighting,fans

Tiki Hut w/ thatch roof, bar,elec, fans,lites     

Larger View

Gazebo     (6' shown) includes 2 carvings at entrance. (Grill not included)                               

Larger Image